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Maria Woods :on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 10:18 AM

Thanks Tim, very informative. I can now log on to your website and get the latest news on the state's laws and what is required for the students. We love your work and the students get information from a teacher with many years experience in the field.

Neil J Larsen Jr.

I have known Timothy Chalfant for over 15 years. I have always viewed Tim as a person with great dedication. I really came to know Tim when he became a patrolman with the Laurel Springs Police Department in Camden County New Jersey; I was one of his supervisors. While working with Tim, I watched him excel well beyond his peers; he was quick to master his craft and quickly became a go-to person for his peers at our, and other police agencies. These qualities were also recognized by Tim’s other supervisors resulting in assignments usually assigned to more senior staff. Tim’s assignments included, but were not limited to the department’s radar instructor and CPR instructor; Tim had a background as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Tim’s quest for knowledge and strategic thinking skills enabled him to instruct these courses effectively; he earned the respect of the entire department including his senior officers. Tim maintained this excellence and dedication throughout his career in Laurel Springs until it tragically ended, when Tim suffered a serious injury while in combat with a dangerous felon. The injury prevented Tim’s return to active duty and brought about his premature retirement from the force. In spite of this tragedy, Tim refocused his goals and reapplied his attributes; he now has his own business TnT CPR – First Aid, which provides CPR and other health-related instruction to various private, medical and governmental agencies. Last week I attended my first CPR refresher class since retiring from the Laurel Springs Police Department; Tim was the instructor. Tim’s aforementioned attributes were clearly gleaned from the onset of the class. His knowledge, efficiency, organization, and time-management skills were flawless. At the end of the class, I spoke with Tim and commented that the pride in his work and his attributes had come full-circle; I was amazed how well he tied them together with his real-world knowledge; his instruction was well thought out and linear. I was extremely proud and impressed to say the least; not to mention that the class was extremely informative and fun! Having been a Drug Abuse Resistance Educator and the instructor of other law enforcement related subjects, I can appreciate the effort it takes to teach and therefore would be remiss if I didn’t recommended Tim Chalfant for anyone’s CPR / First Aid instructional needs. His contact information is readily available on his company’s web site


Neil J. Larsen Jr.

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