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 One of our goals at TnT CPR First Aid is to save as many lives as possible through widespread CPR and first aid training in our local communities. There is no better way to attain that goal than with fun and affordable training classes offered in the comfort of your own home, church, or community center. Bring together a group of at least five of your friends, family members, neighbors, club members, or employees then choose from our Family and Friends® CPR or First Aid course (or both) and host your own CPR party!

To host your own CPR Party all you need is large open room (big enough to practice CPR skills and allow all participants to comfortably see the TV) with a TV and DVD player, a few good pals, some food and drink (no alcohol, until after the course please) and a few free hours to learn life saving skills.

Call TnT CPR First Aid at 609-820-3620 to book a CPR Party today!

CPR Party Course Options

Family & Friends® CPR

The Family & Friends® CPR course provides the opportunity to learn basic CPR in a relaxed group setting. There is no written or skills testing in this course but there is plenty of opportunity to practice CPR and relief of choking for adult, child, and infant victims. This course is perfect for those who want a basic yet comprehensive CPR course but do not need an AHA course completion card.

*The host/hostess will receive the course FREE OF CHARGE with a minimum of five paying participants!

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